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Looking for traffic?

Well it is time


I want you to know how to get some.... :)


There are many different ways but to get sudden rushes of traffic you need to understand what causes this phenomenon. I have this covered....


But you have to realize that this is not an overnight thing but the deal is that you can inject anything into this web of traffic we will create, And the end result is instantaneous traffic like lightening. You will get exposed to the whole world... Not just your local audience like google or facebook likes to keep you confined to.


If you will this is ready for mass consumption.


So what we do is start at the bottom... AUTO TRAFFIC Exchanges.


These are gold mines for traffic. And almost all of them are very good at delivering live hits from real people who will enjoy your content. Now you ask, "What do I post on the auto traffic exchanges?"


Well good question.. :)


More Auto traffic exchanges of course. The more good ones you find the better. Just keep building until you are pushing at least 1000 visits an hour! Mine is so powerful right now I can shut down websites by using up all the monthly bandwidth they have available in about 3 days of constant use.


I know..... I did it to my self LOL. I have gigs of bandwidth.


Now I just build my traffic funnel from hell. It is the largest single project I have worked on since working online or trying to market online. and until I realize the reality behind auto traffic exchanges I never thought how important they really where.


So with that said you need to do this.You want to send your programs to the mass public. You do not want them sitting in cyber space collecting dust.


I just have to tell you also that every single site I promote pays me a commission on any money you spend.... :)


That means you can rest assured that these sites are filled with real people buying traffic packages. I am one of them... See I reinvest almost all the money I make online to further my goal to be the best real online marketer ever known... The rest goes to my netflix account and my pay per view cable programing LOL


The fact that Mass Money Marketing had a rocky start is no surprise only because most people starting out as naive as I was will lead to some stupid shit getting in the works.


But if you follow the steps we will provide in the coming months you will be amazed at the simple on/off switch you will create with your traffic funnel Of auto Traffic sites.


You will build it for months or years. That is up to you. And you need but a few mins a day entering the site urls The rest of the time you can sit back and listen to music or even go for a walk or even go to work and come back to an amazing increase on your traffic/coins/cash Now what you want to do is master 2 or 3 sites at a time.


When I say this I mean sign up for 3 sites and a time... add all 3 sites to each other via their site adder links most of which will look like a green +sign under the page named manage sites.. Let these sites work on each other. They will build points that you can use to send traffic to other sites later.


Now think about it.


If you have 1000 of these 3 site packs all maxed out sending traffic to pages that use a "coins to cash script" And has a large number of users willing to try all your traffic exchanges because they seen your massive list of sites that just blew there mind... Think you might get a few sign up?..... Yeah I thought you would see it my way... See most of the traffic sites can be used for free but if you pay for a subscription you can redirect links to other sites besides the traffic exchange itself plus you support your referrer "ME" And you no longer have to turn on your computer to make money online... BUT you will LOL


Also most of the traffic sites will only allow you 2 or 3 slots as a free user so that is why I say you should master them. Make it so more traffic is going into your accounts that pay via a conversion of traffic into coins or cash.


WARNING: If you use Adsense or one of those kinds of CPA or CPC sites....


Do not use this funnel for your site.... You will get banned for making money with them. The best thing is to find a good free service that provides free hosting and free site builder tools and use the upgrade to get a larger band with and build splash pages that allow the user to click thru thus making everything, in the eyes of google, OK.


See you need at least two sites ahead of the site you are wanting clicks via CPA or CPC so that the algorithm that is used with the site to catch cheaters or abusers not alerted to your attempts to send traffic instead of it appearing "natural" .


That said you need a splash pages and you will need to upgrade your traffic exchanges in order to redirect the traffic from say your members site to your splash page which is connected to a subscription form which will redirect your traffic once they sign up to a your CPA or CPC pages!




I really hope this helps you all make the money you where hoping to.

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